Check In & Security

Faithbridge children’s and student ministries each offer self check-in to securely check-in for Sunday services and other events. The self check-in is quick and easy, giving you and your child more time for worship and activities.

Self check-in allows each child/student to be securely checked in each week. Each Sunday, you or your student scans a unique key tag at a check-in kiosk and select the service(s) that each child or student will attend. Nametags are printed for each child/student. The process is slightly different for Kingdom Club children (infant-5th grade) and FSM students (6th-12th grade). 

Process for Kingdom Club (infant-5th grade)

A unique key tag is assigned to each adult (mom, dad, caregiver, etc.) who regularly checks in children.
Each Sunday, you can scan your key tag at any Kingdom Club check-in kiosk and select the service(s) that your child will attend.  
A nametag will print for each child along with a parent claim receipt, just as with the assisted check-in process. 
Once you have your nametags, proceed to your child’s classroom.
Kiosks are staffed to help you check-in, and assisted check-in stations are also staffed to help when you bring a new child or do not have your key tag.   

What if I need help?

Please don’t hesitate to ask a volunteer in the check-in areas if you have questions or need help.

How do I get my key tag?

Every adult (mom, dad, caregiver, etc.) regularly checking in a child to the Kingdom Club can receive a unique key tag. Please proceed to an assisted check-in station to obtain key tag(s).  Check-in kiosks are located by the entrance to the Kingdom Club on each level, as well as in the Student Check-In Room across from The Loft.  

When should I use assisted check-in?

All first time guests must complete Kingdom Club paperwork at assisted check-in. All first time students need to use the assisted station in the Student Check-In Room across from The Loft. 
Once you have a key tag, you’ll only need to use assisted check in if:
You forget or lose your key tag.
You are bringing a visitor for the first time.
Your child’s/student’s information has changed or is incorrect.