Small Groups

Faithbridge is unique in that small groups are not a department within Faithbridge – an optional activity for those with extraordinary commitment or merely extra time - small groups are the church. This is what we mean when we say Faithbridge is not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups.

It is through a small group that you best get connected into life-changing community. This is really important because as the church grows, it otherwise gets more and more difficult to have meaningful relationships in the context of community. Your group is who celebrates with you in the joyful times and is a helping hand when you're in the valleys of life. As you journey through life, and in your faith walk, your small group is right there with you.

Two Different Kinds of Small Groups

There are two different kinds of groups at Faithbridge, with different options for everyone.

Grow Groups are small groups of typically 10-14 people who meet regularly. Grow groups are most often formed around your stage in life, Couples, Singles, Women, Men, etc. Find a Grow Group here or visit the Connection Center on Sunday.

Care Groups are support groups offered for those of us who need to focus on recovering life due to specific challenges, such as divorce, grief, or other struggles. 

Serve Teams are small groups who work to serve in and around the walls of the church. As Faithbridge is a church driven by small groups, most things that need to be done are done not by staff, but by Faithbridgers just like you. Whether it be ushering on Sunday, working with the children or student ministry, or working on the lawn team - these vital functions of the church only happen because of small groups. There are all different kinds of serve teams with varying degrees of commitment levels that meet throughout the week. Find yours on the list of serve opportunities to get started. 

Four Characteristics of a Small Group

Whether it's growing deeper in your faith walk through a Grow Group, or serving the church in a Serve Team: all small groups at Faithbridge share the same 4 characteristics.

  1. Loving And Caring For One-Another
    In small groups, you'll meet friends, grow closer to one another, find encouragement, and grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Helping One-Another Grow In Christ-Likeness
    It's a place for those of us who still need to grow, who need a place to ask questions, and who need encouragement when life gets tough.
  3. Reaching Out To Those Still Unconnected
    Life-changing community should be contagious, and part of being a disciple is reaching out to those who are not.
  4. Serving Christ's Church And This World With One-Another
    Being the hands and feet of Christ.

For questions, or for more information, contact Connections Director Marianne Reed or Grow Group Director Luann Riley.