YA exists to connect 18-28 year olds to Christ and His bride, the Church. We long to be a community of believers who are knit together in love, rooted in truth and connected to other generations of believers. Our hope is that we might call young adults to know God and walk with Him for a lifetime. We acknowledge God as both present and personal, trusting His immutable Word to speak to the depths of our hearts and the day-to-day issues of life, such as dating, college life, work, and marriage. We look to Him to answer questions of emptiness and fulfillment, joy and pain, tragedy and miracles.

Young Adults (age18-28) meets weekly to meet with God through prayer and worship. Most weeks we'll meet on the Faithbridge Klein campus in The Loft. This is our fuel. We believe that God’s desire for His Church is that we might interact with Him in the humility and transparency of our hearts. Great revivals throughout history started with men and women recognizing God’s presence and mankind’s dependence.

We are asking God to do something new in Northwest Houston and we believe that spiritual awakening for the young adult starts at the feet of Christ. Join us for a time of honest interaction with God as we seek revival in our city, our ministry and our hearts. We look for transformation through the truth of God’s Word and life-giving relationships.



Missional Communities are our small groups. They exist to accomplish one overarching mission, which is to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ who make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. We at Faithbridge believe this happens through the five mission measures that you see in the chart below. We believe that through a process of confidently knowing your own testimony, being rooted in attaining biblical knowledge, having a focus on prayer, and serving in a community of believers will allow for the ability to accomplish the mission of going out and making more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.



Who are we?

Acts 4 Community:

We are a community of one heart and soul who preach the resurrection of Jesus with great power and give graciously to anyone in need.

Matthew 25 Community:

We are a community that desires to love and serve Jesus by loving and serving the least of these.

Psalm 133 Community:

We are a joyful community, unified by the Holy Spirit, who love to party together.

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Meet the Young Adults Staff

Adam :: Young Adult Pastor

Adam McIntire is the Young Adults Pastor at Faithbridge. He is passionate about teaching and studying theology. Other things Adam is passionate about: watching Netflix, the Houston Rockets, comic books, queso, coming up with cool handshakes, etc. Adam is married to his best friend and partner in ministry, Kathleen, and they have three beautiful kids cats, Tripp, Butters and Katniss.

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