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Weekly Update: The Gift of Marriage - Register today!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, I love seeing real lives experience real change. If you haven’t yet registered for either of these opportunities designed to help change, strengthen, and enrich your marriage, I really hope you will consider it.... More

‘Til Death Do Us Part - Week 2

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, This Sunday we'll have Part 2 of our new series on Marriage called 'Til Death Do Us Part, a promise – or a threat? As I told you last week, this is not just for married people, this is relevant for all of us. If... More

Supplemental Marriage Resources

In this series, 'Til Death Do Us Part, we only scrape the surface of hot topics on the subject of marriage. Click on the individual links below to hear other compelling Faithbridge sermons on specific topics relating to marriage and... More

Weekly Update: New Marriage Series starts Sunday!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, What an incredible morning of healing prayer we had at Faithbridge last Sunday! I've been excited about the feedback thus far, and I'm confident God is continuing His healing work in our midst. If God gives you a... More

For Better or For Worse…

'Til Death Do Us Part.  Is that a promise – or a threat? What if you could develop a lifelong love with your spouse? What if marriage is about more than just staying together? The Bible has a lot to say about relationships. Whether you’re... More

Bridging Ministry Spotlight: September 2014

Each month, Faithbridge Bridging Ministry will highlight efforts to serve the least, the last, and the lost in our community and around the world. Here are the spotlights for September 2014. Local Ministry Partner: Soul Safari  Bill... More

Weekly Update: JESUS, Part 3 / Does God still heal?

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, This Sunday, I'll conclude our series on Jesus as we move into the subject of Healing. The relevancy of this message is underscored by the hundreds of Connect Card prayer requests we get regularly requesting... More

The Woodlands Campus Launch

By January 2015, Faithbridgers will be worship each Sunday at Coulson Tough Elementary, located near the intersection of 2978 and Woodlands Parkway. Because of this new campus, all of the things that we know and love about Faithbridge will be... More

Weekly Update: JESUS, Part 2 / Get Connected!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, If you’re new to Faithbridge or simply new to things of the faith, there’s no better time than right now to get plugged-in to community and life-changing relationships. Here are just a few opportunities coming up... More

Weekly Update: Back-to-school Sunday at Faithbridge!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, It’s back-to-school time once again, and there are several things you need to know for this Sunday: New Sermon Series     I’m excited to get started on our new series we’re calling, Who is Jesus? Invite... More