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Weekly Update: Maundy Thursday & Easter Weekend

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, I hope you’ll join us tomorrow evening at 7pm for our Maundy Thursday service, a more traditional time of worship and communion and a perfect way to reflect on the journey Jesus took to the cross. Programming... More

Weekly Update: What legacy are you leaving?

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, This Sunday, I'll be bringing the conclusion of our series called "Refining Moments" as we discuss Elijah's passing of the baton to Elisha. I want us to be thinking about the legacies we're leaving. Next week,... More

Weekly Update: Refining Moments, Week 3

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, As we continue to pray, fast, and serve in this season leading up to Easter, we’re putting shoe leather on our faith in several projects throughout the city and surrounding areas to make an impact for the... More

Weekly Update: Meet & Greet Sunday!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, This Sunday, we’re having a Grow Group Meet & Greet in Center Court East Atrium before and following each of our morning services. If you’re not yet plugged in to the life-changing community around here (one of... More

Serving Easter 2014

We anticipate over 5000 people on Easter weekend, many for the first time, so we want to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward. There are several ways you can help during Easter services.  Select which services are best for you to... More

Weekly Update: What do you do when . . . ?

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, I hope you are enjoying the glimpses of springtime that bring us hope of better weather. As we all prepare for Easter in this season we call Lent, I also hope you are taking the time to pray, fast and serve (learn... More

Weekly Update: Finding hope in Lent

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, During this season we call Lent, I am asking all Faithbridgers to take time to Pray, Fast, and Serve: Pray:  download a copy of our daily prayer points here.  Fast:  learn more about what fasting is (and... More

YA Fasting for Lent

During the season of Lent, Young Adults will focus on prayer and fasting. Check back here each week for new prayer points. “Our seasons of fasting and prayer at the Tabernacle have been high days indeed; never has Heaven’s gate stood wider;... More

Serving “the Least of These” During Lent

As you pray and fast, God will show you His love for the least, the last and the lost. Out of His great love for you, your heart will fill to overflowing and you will want to serve the “least of these." The hope is that your heart and mind will be... More

Weekly Update re: Set your clocks forward / Mikey D is up this week!

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, Yesterday, Ash Wednesday marked the start of a 40-day season of confession, repentance, and renewal that prepares us for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. During this season we call... More