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    Weekly Update 03.31.17

    03.31.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

    This Sunday, Timothy Ateek is back with another hope-filled message that deals with guilt, shame, and restoration, based on John chapter 21. TA is an amazing preacher, as anyone present last week can attest! You can go here to listen in if you...

      Weekly Update 03.24.17

      03.24.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

      This Sunday Timothy Ateek, the director of Breakaway Ministries, will be teaching, and I am so excited to have him! Come early, as we are sure it will be a packed house.

        Serve at Easter

        03.23.17 | Articles

        This Easter, we’ll have the chance to serve many new guests who may be attending church for the first time. Let’s make them feel welcome!

          Weekly Update 03.16.17

          03.16.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

          The drama of Esther continues this week in our final sermon from this action-packed book. Sunday we’ll discover the perils of pride as we follow the end of Haman’s story (chapters 5-7 if you want to read ahead).

            Weekly Update 03.10.17

            03.10.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

            This Sunday Daylight Savings Time starts! Remember to reset your clocks one hour ahead Saturday night before you go to bed. On Sunday, we will continue our study in the book of Esther with Pastor Dan. We’ll be in Chapters 4 and 5, and talk about...

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