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The Bible Seminary

07.11.17 | Articles

    The Bible Seminary is coming to Faithbridge this Fall. TBS courses qualify for seminary credit or can be taken for personal enrichment. You can learn more about The Bible Seminary on their website here.

    There are three classes offered on the Klein Campus:

    Old testament poetry 

    Tuesdays, August 22 – October 10 • 6:45-8:30pm 

    A study of Job through Song of Songs, and Lamentations that helps students gain a greater understanding of biblical poetry and appreciation of its artistry, beauty, and function. The course covers the types of parallelism found in biblical poetry, types of poetic devices (such as metaphor and hyperbole), categories of psalms (such as lament, praise, and imprecatory), and explores the categories, nature and interpretations of proverbs. This can be taken as part of the Bible Certificate program at TBS. 

    Learn more and register at HERE.

    Old testament Prophets

    Tuesdays, starting October 17 – December 12 • 6:45-8:30pm 

    A study of the major prophets, Isaiah through Daniel, and minor prophets, Hosea through Malachi that helps students gain a clear picture of who the prophets were, when they lived, to whom they prophesied, and how their prophecies relate to what took place before their time, after their time up to the present, and what has yet to take place. This can be taken as part of the Bible Certificate program at TBS.

    Pastor – Shepherd

    Fridays, September 1 – December 12 • 8:30-11:30am (except Nov. 24) 

    The primary objective of this course is to exposit the books of Job, Jeremiah, and Lamentations while receiving training in the basic principles of pastoral care and counseling.

    Learn more about the degree programs and how to register for this course on TBS's site HERE.

    Tuition & Fee'S

    The 2017 course costs and fee's can be found here.

    The following discounts may also apply.

    • Service personnel, such as active duty or retired military, police, fire = 15% discount (use the discount code "service" when registering online).
    • Teachers/Educational professionals, if one or more educators from the same school take the class together = 50% discount (use the discount code "bible" when registering online).
    • Also, remember that for any high school juniors or senior students under age 18, the cost is only $85.