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Weekly Update 05.04.17

05.04.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

    Dear Faithbridgers and Friends,

    I received a text from one of our Lead Team staff members this week that read, “I’ve got to miss our weekly staff meeting this morning, due to a scheduling conflict.”

    Disappointed, I texted back, “If there’s any way you can modify to be present, I hope you will. I’m afraid you’re going to miss a defining moment in our collective journey.”

    She did modify, and what happened that morning did, in fact, become a defining moment for Faithbridge.

    Before lunchtime, the Lead Team had convinced me all of Faithbridge deserves the same honesty from me.

    So we’ve revised the schedule, and I’m going to be sharing something on Sunday. I want you to be present here in one of our rooms, adjusting plans however is necessary.

    It’s going to be a defining moment in our collective journey, and I don’t want you to miss it.

    Pray for me as I prepare to share with you at 9:20 and 11:10 at Klein, and 10:30 in The Woodlands.

    See you then,

    Pastor Ken