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Weekly Update 9.22.17

09.22.17 | Articles | by Ken Werlein

    The Weekend Need-to-Know: 

    1. This Sunday we're continuing in David's story. If you want to read ahead, flight to 1 Samuel 23:14-18. Michael "Sully" Sullivan will be preaching and rumor has it he's celebrating his second year of marriage with Jill by sharing their first kiss story this Sunday. 

    2. How to Study the Bible & Moneywise classes kick off next week. These four week courses are a great way to grow alongside other Faithbridgers and to meet new people. 

    3. Last Sunday I shared a "PG-13" message from our "Better Than Perfect" series covering David & Bathsheba's story. If you missed it, I challenge you to take the time to catch up here. Temptation affects us all, so we need to be able to identify our "Bathshebas" and have a plan in place to flee. 


    Ken Werlein