Sexual Purity Resources

These resources are designed to help protect from sexually explicit content online, promote accountability for your Internet use, and offer help with sexual addictions.

Please contact us if there is a resource not in this list that you feel should be.

  • Internet Protection and Accountability

    FamilyShield from OpenDNS is a free service that blocks adult websites and protects your family from phishing and malware. There is no software to install, it does not slow down your computers, and can protect your entire home network.

    K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat is free Internet filtering software for PC or Mac computers. It blocks content such as pornography, hate speech, violence, and gambling. It monitors and controls website access, provides reports of Internet activity, and can block web access at specific times of day. Their K9 Web Protection Browser is also free and is designed to provide safe website access on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. For maximum protection, use both FamilyShield and K9 Web Protection! Another option, Safe Eyes, costs $50/year for PC or Mac, and $20 for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

    X3watch is free accountability software for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, and Android devices. It tracks your Internet usage and sends reports to your accountability partner. Another option, Covenant Eyes, costs $8/month.

    Social Media: What Every Parent Should Know, is a presentation by Anthony Coppedge.

    Wireless Providers:

    1. Sprint offers a free Parental Controls service to block websites deemed inappropriate for minors.
    2. AT&T offers a $4.99/month Smart Limits service to control access to inappropriate content. Or, request all Internet access to be blocked for free by calling 611.
    3. Verizon Wireless offers a $4.99/month Usage Controls service to control what content can be accessed from the phone. Or, request all Internet access to be blocked for free by calling *611.
  • Education

    Passport2Purity is a kit to designed to help you talk to your 10+ year old children about love, sex, and relationships.

  • Online Resources

    XXX Church is an online community for anyone affected by or in over their heads with pornography.

    Blazing Grace offers resources and forums for those seeking freedom from sex addiction and pornography.

    Setting Captives Free offers free 60-day online courses to help men and women find freedom from pornography, freedom from homosexuality, and help for spouses of those struggling with addiction to pornography or any other sexual sin.

    Be Broken Ministries offers workshops and resources to help men and women overcome sexually addictive behaviors and live each day in sexual purity. They also host Pure Sex Radio, a weekly podcast which tackles the tough subjects of porn, lust, sex addiction, and practical principles for living every day in sexual purity.

    X3pure offers $99 30-day online workshops for married men, single guys, and single girls to recover from pornography addiction.

    Every Man's Battle offers online resources, help by phone, and weekend conferences for men, couples, and spouses affected by pornography, sexual addiction, or adultery.

    Mastering Life Ministries offers articles, audio, and other resources related to pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, sexual abuse, and more.

    Exodus International offers help for those thinking of leaving homosexuality and support for affected family and friends, youth, and church leaders.

    John Piper's Resource Library offers many online resources on sexual purity.

    Love In Action helps men, women, and families find freedom in Jesus Christ from sexual and relational sins including same-sex attraction, pornography, and promiscuity.

    Prodigals International is dedicated to helping men, women, and families overcome sexual addiction. They offer a 12-step program, resources, and support for the man who is struggling, the wife who is hurting, and the pastor or counselor who wants to help.

    The Purity Project assists men and women who are seeking help for overcoming inapporpriate sexual behaviors and addictions.

    Shannon Etheridge is an author and advocate for healthy sexuality and spirituality. She offers a Hot Tips newsletter and books for women and men on sexual integrity, sexual intimacy, and intimacy with God.

    Chris and Cindy Beall share their story, from pornography addiction and adultery to hope and healing.

    Freedom Begins Here offers resources to confront porn addiction and other sexual sin, and to help fathers educate their sons.

    Heart to Heart Counseling Center offers resources and counseling for those struggling with sex addiction or partners of addicts.

    Genesis Counseling offers resources and counseling to help people in recovery with sexual addiction, homosexuality, and other sexual problems.

  • Video Messages

    Porn Sunday

    My Secret

    Satan's Sex Ed

    • Part 1 - Satan's Sex Ed 101
    • Part 2 - What Satan is Teaching Your Kids
    • Part 3 - What Satan is Telling Married Couples
    • Part 4 - What Satan is Telling Single Adults
  • Books

    Porn-Again Christian, by Mark Driscoll, offers insight into pornography and masturbation. and Mardel offer Christian books to help with sexual addictions.

  • Counseling

    National Association of Nouthetic Counselors

    Christian Counselors Directory

    Focus on the Family includes a directory of counselors.

    Every Man's Battle offers counseling and coaching: 1-800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433).

    Exodus International lists counseling resources for those affected by homosexuality.

    Heart to Heart Counseling Center offers counseling for sexual addiction.

    Genesis Counseling offers in-person, phone, and email counseling for sexual addiction and homosexuality.