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Aug 20, 2017

Postscript: Better Than Perfect

Ken Werlein

Luann Riley hosts Ken Werlein to answer your questions about how God makes us Better Than Perfect.

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Timothy Ateek Standalone Messages

Timothy (TA) Ateek's passion is to help people learn how to enjoy a relationship with God for a lifetime.

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In the book of Philippians we'll look to Paul's example of how to find joy amongst the trials in the fullness of Christ. 

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Calm the Home Down

Life is stressful! Money, relationships, health – even our Facebook feeds! God never intended that our life would be overrun by anxiety. Find calm and peace in the chaos of life!

  • UNPLUG from the stress,
  • RECHARGE in God, 
  • and CONNECT with the people you love! 

Start your New Year in peace. Join us Sundays in January for a Bible-based series highlighting God's practical truths to bring life-restoring joy and hope to your home! 

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Standalone Messages

Inspirational messages from guest speakers at Faithbridge.

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Ben Stuart Standalone Message

Examine how to navigate in today's society.

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Better Than Perfect

Feeling the pressure to be PERFECT?

We don't blame you. Look at your Facebook feed—what do you see? "Perfection." The perfect family, perfect vacation, perfect dorm, perfect home-cooked meal.

But it's all an illusion. That kind of perfection is hollow and fake.

God's definition of perfection is so much better than all that. You don't have to pretend to be something you're not. He takes us as we are—all our warts and blemishes—and makes us BETTER THAN PERFECT!

So stop chasing "perfect" and pursue God instead. Let Him perfect you moment by defining moment—not just through your victories, but through your failures too!

Join us beginning August 20 as we explore how God was able to use King David—despite all of his amazingly epic failures—ultimately making him better than perfect.

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Praying for our City

Sermons, prayer vigils, and devotionals delivered in the midst and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, August 2017.

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For the First Time, Again

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Business Not as Ususal

Life is full of surprises, your response to it defines your true character. God is present even when life feels topsy-turvy. Join us as we take a look at Esther, the biblical leader of God. Learn how to lead, finding comfort & strength from the God of the Universe—even when life is turned upside down.

New Sunday series beginning February 26. 

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Resolve for More

You’ve made up your mind—this is the year you finally get serious about accomplishing your goal. Not like last year, or the year before that, or the year before that...

Let’s break the cycle!

Join us for a biblically-based series about bettering yourself and your relationship with God. Don’t go it alone or “burn out” with unrealistic expectations—let’s victoriously take the next steps together and Resolve for More in 2017!


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The Naked Truth

We all know what the world thinks sexuality is all about, but don't you want to know what God thinks? It’s time to pull back the covers and explore what God has to say about sex in singleness, marriage and all points in between — you might be surprised at what the Bible has to say.

Don’t be tempted to keep the next generation at home! Allow this series be the foundation for building a biblical worldview on sexuality.

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From Here to Eternity

Evangelism & Missions start here, with us — and goes out to the ends of the earth, beyond the present and into eternity. 

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Marriage Matters

Marriage is hard – really hard! But a healthy marriage is totally worth the struggle. The Bible has a lot to say about relationships. In this two-part series, we're tackling many of the common struggles in marriage.

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Having it your way in every relationship is more than just selfish—it's unfulfilling. The Bible teaches us a better way to have healthy & vibrant relationships with our spouses, friends, government and jobs. This series continues our journey through the Book of 1 Peter.

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Prayer is so much more than just an unreliable vending machine: it’s a lifestyle that changes every part of your life.

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We look to the cross that gives us the power to be victorious in overcoming sin, pride, and worry.

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As we continue to study the Book of 1 Peter, we'll examine how to live a vibrant life centered on Christ.

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Rise Above

National security, a shaky economy, stressful relationships, family conflicts, employment issues, physical illnesses – there is no shortage of subjects which can cause us discouragement. But there is a way to RISE ABOVE all of it!

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Oh Come, Let Us Adore Him

Worship is to ascribe worth to someone or something. In this Christmas series, we'll see that Jesus is worthy of so much more than our songs.

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I Am The Vine

We live and thrive amidst the perils and darkness of life in the jungle. If our faith isn't real in the jungle, it isn't real at all.

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In this 4-part series, discover the four phases which characterize a life that’s truly been transformed by Jesus Christ.

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Jesus + The Outsider

Jesus spent much of His ministry serving and loving the marginalized in society. 

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Discover a rock-solid faith that can weather any storm with lessons from the Book of Daniel.

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Summer Series

This summer, we're highlighting a variety of speakers and focusing on how to make God real to people in their everyday lives. 

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Summer Blockbusters

Using the themes of some classic summer blockbusters, Duffy Robbins gives us a front row seat to dramatic stories of the Old Testament.

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Bible Teacher Ben Stuart gives some insightful and inspiring looks at selected Psalms.

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The life of the apostle Peter is fascinating. Not only because he was very human like the rest of us, but also because we can so clearly see the workings of God’s grace in his life – taking this ordinary man and making him one of the greatest and most effective leaders in Christian history. In this series, we'll journey with Peter to see what God had planned in Peter's life and what He has planned for us NEXT.

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Jesus: The Prequel

Discover how Jesus fits into the story of Israel from the Old Testament to gain a fresh understanding of the Gospel and what our role is in that story.

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