Message Series Archives

Questions for God

If you had the chance to ask God one question right now, what would it be? Pastor Dan walks us through a bold conversation that Abraham has with God in Genesis 18.

Duffy Robbins Summer 2014

With humor and real-life stories that we can all relate to, Duffy Robbins challanges us to experience the Gospel.

I AM Series

In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes seven statements about His identity. In these messages, Timothy Ateek looks at a few of them.


When writing to the Ephesians, Paul talks about the extravagance of what it means to be in Christ. Ben explains how this applies to various aspects of our lives: family, marriage, as well as our personal relationship with Jesus.

Life Changing Love

God has given us His Spirit because God’s love always comes to us on its way to somebody else! Pastor Dan uses Isaiah 61:1 – 4 to explain this truth. 

Fathers Day 2014

What are you celebrating this Father's Day? Multi-Campus Director Wayne Risher gives us practical wisdom to inspire, not just dads, but everyone who needs guidance navigating the circumstances of life.

Kids Ministry Sunday

Do you think of yourself as God's treasure? Do you feel that you have to proof yourself – that you're not worthy of Jesus' love? In this message for kids of all ages, Kids Ministry Director Kelly Hickey challenges each of us to find the...

Senior & Young Adult Sunday

Life is full of transition. In this message, Mike Distefano talks about the importance of looking to Jesus as a guiding North Star.

Mission Sendoff

What is the difference between simply understanding the gospel and knowing it? What does it look like to experience the gospel? In this message, Junior High Pastor Adam McIntire casts a clear and compelling vision as we prepare to send off student...

Serve Sunday

Serving is a vital aspect of discipleship. Using Matthew 20:17-27 as a basis, Pastor Dan challenges us to put the needs of others before our own as a defining mark of character.