Message Series Archives

Refining Moments

When times are good, the family is healthy and money is in the bank, it's easy to say "God is good!" But then life gets hard. The tune changes. In this series, we'll explore finding God in your refining moments.

Fear and Hope

When you think of God, how do you picture Him? Do you think of His goodness or do you imagine Him as One to be feared. Using Psalm 147, Brian reveals how hope and fear go hand-in-hand.


Appetites are strong motivators. They can derail us from our deepest commitments and goals. Using Matthew 9 as his text, Mike talks about how fasting redirects our appetites to focus on the Bread of Life.


When writing to the Ephesians, Paul talks about the extravagance of what it means to be in Christ. Ben explains how each of us are chosen and adopted to belong to Jesus.

Divine DTR

Guest Teacher Timothy Ateek discusses the possible statuses of our relationships with God.

Running for the Prize

In this message, Duffy parallels the commitment of training for the Oympics with being ALL IN for Christ.

Make Mondays Matter

Rather than heading back to the same old work routines, this series will help us to see that the God of Sunday is also the God of Monday – and every day of the week.

New Year Message

Duffy Robbins brings us 2 Kings 4:1-7 to teach an important principle for 2014: We are not limited by our "if only's" and our "what ifs" are as limiteless as the promises of God.

Christmas Eve Message 2013

The night Jesus was born, the shepherds were out in the fields watching their flock when something remarkable happened. The angel of the Lord brought them Good News that is for eternity – and for us.

Exodus Series

The epic story in the book of Exodus is one of the greatest stories of humankind in relationship with God. In this series, Ben talks about how your life is woven into the big story of God's redemption.