Message Series Archives

Jesus & The Outsiders

Jesus spent much of His ministry serving and loving the marginalized in society. 

Unshakeable Sermon Series

Discover a rock-solid faith that can weather any storm with lessons from the Book of Daniel.

Standalone Message

A glimpse into our adoption into God’s family and what our response should be.

Summer Series

This summer, we're highlighing a variety of speakers and focusing on how to make God real to people in their everyday lives. 

Summer Blockbusters

Using the themes of some classic summer blockbusters, Duffy Robbins gives us a front row seat to dramatic stories of the Old Testament.

Ben Stuart Sermon Series

Bible Teacher Ben Stuart is on regular preaching rotation at Faithbridge. Ben is the Executive Director of Breakaway Ministries on the campus of Texas A&M where college students attend Breakaway, the nation’s largest college ministry, on Tuesday...


The life of the apostle Peter is fascinating. Not only because he was very human like the rest of us, but also because we can so clearly see the workings of God’s grace in his life – taking this ordinary man and making him one of the greatest and...

Mother’s Day

Using Colosians 3:12-25 as his scriptural reference, Duffy talks about how God often does His deepest, most lasting, most profound work in our lives within the context of our awkward family relationships.

Jesus: The Prequel

Discover how Jesus fits into the story of Israel from the Old Testament to gain a fresh understanding of the Gospel and what our role is in that story.