5th Grade Sneak Peek

Previewing the 2022 Missions Season


The Road is the missions program at Faithbridge that seeks to develop students through a tiered system that sends students across many sites throughout the summer. The Road values development, partnership, and discipleship. We want to develop students by challenging them and encouraging them in the areas where God has uniquely gifted them. We partner with various ministry partners all over the globe where God is already working. And lastly, we value discipleship – we want what God does in the hearts of students to continue past their weeklong mission trip. After all, it’s not about the destination, but the Journey!


When students enter 5th grade, they can join what we call a Hunger Journey. Hunger Journeys last a week long, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. The daily schedule is packed with various activities to offer the 5th graders an introduction to serving Jesus!Upon arrival, students will eat breakfast with their team and then proceed to spend time with Jesus in a devotional created by the Road staff called a Tripbook. Each Journey receives a Tripbook, and the content is appropriately tailored to the age group in which it’s assigned. After their devotional, the students will serve with one of our various ministry partners. This could be, but is not limited to, Bridging for Tomorrow, Northwest Assistance Ministries, Meals on Wheels, the Houston Foodbank, etc. Once the team arrives at Faithbridge after serving, they will enter something called Team Time. This is an opportunity for the students to debrief the day, worship the Lord for all He’s done, discuss the devotional they did in the morning, and encourage one another. Then, they go home for a good night’s rest before doing it all over again the next day!
  • Approaching quickly is something we call Missions Kickoff, which is on January 9 at 7pm! Here, students and their families can attend a fun, Saturday Night Live-type skit to learn what sites students can apply for and pick up their applications.
  • App Day is January 23 – this is when students turn in the applications they picked up at Kickoff!
  • Reveal Day is January 30 where students learn which Journey they were placed on.
  • Team Trainings for 5th Grade are April 10th and May 15th – here, students will meet their team and prepare for the summer.
  • Missions Sendoff, where the congregation gets an opportunity to pray over our students, is May 22.
  • Then, lastly, Missions Celebration, on August 7, is an opportunity for teams to come together and celebrate all that the Lord has done over the summer season!
At Missions Kickoff on January 9, students will have the opportunity to pick up their student missions applications! Apps are due on Application Day, which is Sunday, January 23 at Faithbridge.
Sunday, January 23, is when ALL student apps are due for the 2022 missions season! After Application Day, student teams will be formed, and team lists will be posted online on Reveal Day, Sunday, January 30.
We love our Ministry Partners! As a church, Faithbridge seeks out existing ministries from all over the world who are already making an impact in their communities. Our hope is to partner with them and wholeheartedly support/serve their ministries when we send a team to their site. Many of our Ministry Partners have been with The Road for several years, so we know each other’s hearts & missions very well. You can expect to learn and grow as you serve with each of our incredible Ministry Partners!

5th Grade Sneak Peek Recap

Catch up on the Sneak Peek event by watching the 3-minute summary video above!


  • Missions Kickoff Jan 9
    Join us as we kickoff the 2022 student missions season in style! You don’t want to miss Student Missions Kickoff, where we’ll reveal all of the 2022 journey opportunities for students! Plus, we’ll do it with a little…shall we say…flair!
  • Application Day Jan 23
    Student Application Day is the deadline for all 2022 Student Journey Applicants!
  • Reveal Day Feb 7
    Team lists will be posted online as student applicants will discover where God is sending them in 2022!
  • Work Crew Weekend 1 Feb 11 - 13
    Select high school teams will serve overnight at a camp! These formative weekends are the perfect way for teams to build relationships, take ownership of roles, and plan for their mission ahead!
  • Work Crew Weekend 2 - High School Feb 18-20
    Select high school teams will serve overnight at a camp! These formative weekends are the perfect way for teams to build relationships, take ownership of roles, and plan for their mission ahead!
  • Student Team Trainings March - May
    5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and High School student teams will have training days scheduled in the months leading up to their Journeys.
  • Mission Sendoff! May 22
    All 2022 missions teams will be prayed over and commissioned by the body of Faithbridge as we prepare to GO!
  • Site Leader Training May 23 - 27
    Site Leaders will be trained on the logistics of their mission sites for the Road Mission Season!
  • Intern Training May 30 - June 3
    Interns will be trained on discipling students, mission sites, schedule, team culture/care, etc.
  • Teams Launch! June 5 - Aug 6
    Let the summer missions begin! All of our teams will go out each week during the summer to go be Kingdom Difference Makers!
  • Missions Celebration August - TBA
    All summer teams gather together as we worship and celebrate the work God has done this season!