About FSM

Our vision is to see students experience a transformational relationship with Jesus while digging deep in life-changing, authentic community.  We partner with parents to pursue discipleship in the home, and intentionally develop students as they discover God's missional call to be a Kingdom difference-maker.


6th Grade Ministry

The goal of Launch is to blast off with 6th graders as they head into junior high!

Launch is all about relationships as we seek after Jesus, growing in our faith and community! In a word, it's just awesome. 



7th-8th Grade Ministry

The goal of Elevate Student Ministry is to partner with parents in order to help mold Jr. High students into servants in God’s Kingdom. We want students to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ that will forever alter how they view the world and elevate them into a lasting relationship with the one true God. In addition to encouraging and nurturing a relationship with Christ, we also train and develop our students to be difference-makers in God’s Kingdom through numerous mission projects, Bible study, and discipleship.


High School Ministry

The goal of Pointbreak is to provide high school students with life-changing community and powerful discipleship. We are a community that strives  to be real with each other as we grow in our faith in Christ.

Our mission is to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ, who make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. We strive to be an authentic community, growing together & loving each other towards Christ. We would love to meet you and get you connected into Pointbreak!

The Road  |  Student Missions

The Road is the most substantive opportunity of growth, impact, and development we offer students. We believe mission is a lifestyle, and that each student is called to be a Kingdom-difference maker. Join the journey!

Learn more at The Road's homepage, here!