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    • 1. First Steps

      Let God work in you, right where you are. We want to make your next step easy. Enroll in as many that interest you, and we'll text or email you to help you get started. Click on the ministry name or photo for more details.

    • Baptism


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    • Coffee with Ken

      Coffee with Ken

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    • New Member Celebration

      New Member Celebration

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    • Starting Point

      Starting Point

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    • 2. Serve Teams

      God has designed each person uniquely and distributed them into the body of Christ with purpose. Our hope and prayer is that, at Faithbridge, you sense the Lord’s presence richly and will allow Him to draw that gift out of you as you begin to serve. Click on the ministry name or photo for more details.

    • Sunday Mornings

      Sunday Mornings

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    • Prayer


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    • Worship and Creative Arts

      Worship and Creative Arts

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    • Student Ministry

      Student Ministry

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    • 3. Grow Groups

      Grow Groups are small groups made up of people doing life together, growing closer to one another and to Jesus, and reaching out to make a difference in our community. Grow Groups are at the core of what Faithbridge is about, and there are groups for people of all walks of life. Click on the ministry name or photo for more details.

    • 99/Rayford


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    • Auburn Lakes

      Auburn Lakes

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    • Champion Forest

      Champion Forest

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    • Cypress


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    • Champions


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    • Cypressdale


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    • Gleannloch Farms

      Gleannloch Farms

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    • Lakewood


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    • Londonderry


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    • Memorial Northwest

      Memorial Northwest

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    • Northampton


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    • Rotating Homes

      Rotating Homes

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    • Spring Creek Oaks

      Spring Creek Oaks

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    • Willowick Forest

      Willowick Forest

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    • Windrose


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    • Spanish Speaking

      Spanish Speaking

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    • Men's Groups

      Men's Groups

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    • Men's Bible Study

      Men's Bible Study

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    • Women's Groups

      Women's Groups

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    • Women's Bible Study

      Women's Bible Study

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    • Men's Micro Groups

      Men's Micro Groups

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    • Women's Micro Groups

      Women's Micro Groups

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    • GriefShare


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    • 4. Discipleship Boosters

      Discipleship boosters are classes that complement a Grow Group or Bible Study.

    • Grow Classes

      Grow Classes

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    • Financial Peace University

      Financial Peace University

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    • 5. Family Life

      These classes are all about bringing the Truth of the Gospel into homes from a variety of different relationships.

    • Marriage Booster

      Marriage Booster

      Married for over 3 years

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    • Pre-Marriage Counseling

      Pre-Marriage Counseling

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    • Nearly Newlywed Group

      Nearly Newlywed Group

      0-3 years of marriage

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    • Preparing for Family Life

      Preparing for Family Life


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    • 6. Local Outreach

      Local Outreach is serving the community, outside the walls of Faithbridge. We have weekly and monthly outreach opportunities!

    • Super Serve Saturday

      Super Serve Saturday

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    • Foster and Adoption

      Foster and Adoption

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    • Hunger Relief

      Hunger Relief

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    • Bridging for Tomorrow

      Bridging for Tomorrow

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    • Community Outreach

      Community Outreach

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    • 7. For Students

      If you're a student, we have opportunities for you to get connected! Click on the ministry name or photo for more details.

    • I want to register for a Curious Group for the spring.

      I want to register for a Curious Group for the spring.

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    • I'm interested in information on Sunday Student Services.

      I'm interested in information on Sunday Student Services.

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    • Student Serve Opportunities

      Student Serve Opportunities

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