Elevate Fall Retreat

Date: Friday, October 16 & Saturday October 17
Cost: $10
Location: Livesteam + Zoom

Elevate Fall Retreat (for 7th & 8th Graders) is going to be awesome and you do not want to miss it! This thing is going to be crazy fun but also a time for you to get to learn more about what it means for us as believers to go out and "play out" our faith, rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting it out. Be sure you are in on this because there is some super sweet stuff you will get to do over this weekend and you don't want to miss it! You gotta register for it before it's too late! The last day to register is October 12.

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If you have not yet created a Rock Login, you will need to "register" for a Rock Login (this is new). Once you have done this, it will be your login for all events at Faithbridge and in the future, forms will autofill!

**The key reason this event has been so successful and loved in the past is because of the months of planning that goes into it. Because we cannot predict what the COVID-19 threat level will be in the weeks leading up to this event, we believe the best way to ensure this event happens is to plan for it to be online, no matter what reopening phase the church is in.

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