Reopening Plan

We're back on campus, with Sunday services at 9 & 11am!

What To Expect When We Reopen

Beginning Sunday, September 20, the Faithbridge campus reopens again with two multi-generational, 60-minute Family Friendly services at 9 and 11am. Here is what to expect:


Will everyone be wearing masks?
Yes! Everyone age 2 and older will wear masks through the entire service.

What kind of masks?
Material that is comfortable, appropriate, and covers both your nose and mouth. Face shields can be worn as an addition to masks, but will not be considered a substitute for masks. We will have extra masks available for anyone who needs one.

Will they be worn through the entire service?
Yes! Everyone will keep their masks on from the time you enter the doors until you exit, including singing & sitting. Ushers and staff will help to remind those who forget.

What if I forget my mask?
We will have extra masks available for anyone who needs them!

What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask?
There are valid, CDC acknowledged medical reasons some should not wear a mask, including, those who have trouble breathing and those who are unable to remove the mask without assistance. In these types of cases, for the safety of you and others, we ask you continue to worship with us online at Faithbridge @ Home, which we plan to continue throughout the duration of the pandemic, if not longer.


Will there be ministry for Kids and Students?
Kids and Student on campus worship has opened!  RSVP is no longer required for Sunday or Wednesday Kids and Student services.


Can I bring coffee, thermoses, food, snacks, etc. with me into the campus?
No, we ask that you keep all food and drinks inside your car. (As a rule, food and masks don't work well together.)

Will there be coffee and donuts available like we used to?
No, the former Faithbridge "tradition" of having coffee and donuts in the atrium will have to wait until it is safe to do so. But we will be giving out donuts and water bottles as you leave!


What will it be like when I arrive on campus?

  1. We ask that everyone plan on arriving 15-20 minutes before service.
  2. Parking team will guide you where to park as normal.
  3. Once inside, you will be guided into one door for entering the sanctuary.
  4. An usher will guide you and your family to your seat(s).
  5. We will keep a minimum 2 chairs between each family / group empty for social distancing.
  6. When the service concludes, you will be dismissed row-by-row, exiting out of designated doors.
  7. The Atrium will be closed for social gatherings.
  8. On your way out you can get a special treat of donuts and bottled water!

What will the worship service be like?
The content of the worship service is the same you have come to know and love! Live, energetic worship music, prayer, and live teaching from our current series. We will keep the service length to 60 minutes for comfort, and, so that there is plenty of time to clean in-between services.

Will there be an opportunity to be prayed for by someone one-on-one?
Yes! Outside of the entrance there will be "Prayer Tents" with prayer partners ready to pray with you in person.

What about bulletins and Connect Cards?
We will have QR codes posted around the building that will take you directly to the online bulletin with the Connect Card, ministry and giving information. Here are instructions on how to scan a QR code for both iPhone and Android:

What about Giving Back to God / Offering?
You will have an opportunity to give online from your mobile device by texting FAITHBRIDGE to 779-77. There will be also be contactless dropboxes for cash and checks available for you as you leave.


Outside of masks worn by all, what other safety measures are being implemented?

  1. We have installed a campus-wide microbial “air scrubbing” technology A/C system that cleans the air with every cycle.
  2. There will an intense cleaning and fogging of chairs and touched areas (i.e., doors, etc.) in-between services.
  3. We will enforce a minimum 2-chairs between each family or group while in service.
  4. We will have socially distanced entrance and exit.


What does this mean for Faithbridge Online ministry?
Nothing! Reopening our campus is in addition to what we have been doing the past six months.
Sunday Faithbridge @ Home services, Faithbridge Kids!, Launch + Elevate Online, Pointbreak Roundtable, Common Room, online Curious Groups, and all the rest will continue!

Please be in prayer with us as we reopen our campus for the first time in 6 months for:

  1. God's protection (2 Thessalonians 3:3)
  2. That those in attendance would "hear and see" the presence of God as He moves in our midst and hearts (Psalm 143:10)
  3. For our joyful gathering as a body of believers in Jesus (1 Corinthians 5:4)
  4. Additionally, stay in prayer that the infection and hospitalization curve stays down, sparing lives and preventing misery for thousands of people every day.

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