Discussion Questions

1. If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet one another, go around and give brief, 30-second introductions. (name, home/family situation, occupation)

2. Leading our best starts with following Jesus. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus right now? (There are no wrong answers, whether you are a skeptic, a seeker, or a sold-out follower! This is simply a safe place to be honest about where you’re at.)

3. Do you have wise, godly men who have authority to speak into your life? If yes, what benefit have those relationships provided? If not, what might you be willing to do to begin forming those kinds of relationships? (e.g. join a Grow Group, Serve Team, or a Grow Class, or be discipled, learn more about who Jesus is at Starting Point etc.)

4. How did you feel inspired or challenged to grow in leading your wife and/or your kid(s)?

5. What is an action step you can take to become a better leader in your workplace?

6. What’s one thing you learned tonight that you never want to forget, and how will your life look different as a result?

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