S.O.A.P. Journaling

What’s the “state of your soul?” Work on your whole health as we “Resolve For More” in your life for 2017. Pastor Ken taught us about regular, daily Bible devotions. If you missed the message, you can watch it here. To begin your own daily devotions, follow these steps and Resolve for More!

SOAP is an acronym for easy devotions you can do on your own! S stands for scripture, first choose one scripture from your daily reading that stood out to you. O stands for observation, write out your observations about that scripture and what you learn from it. A stands for application, pull out one or two application points from your observation. P stands for prayer, finish your devotion by writing out a prayer thanking God for what He is teaching you and also asking for His help in the application of what you are studying.

  • Download the Faithbridge App and follow the plan on your phone
  • Or download and print the SOAP daily Bible reading plan bookmark.
  • Or purchase a SOAP Journal from the Resource Center on Sunday (or order online) and the reading plan will be printed inside.

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