At Faithbridge, we believe life best happens in the rhythm of Worship + 2:

We worship together, grow together, and serve together because we are stronger togetherBeing stronger together only happens when we are in community!


    When you check out Faithbridge, you’ll soon see that we are unique and distinctive not only in our worship and preaching styles, but simply in the way we do community. Our worship services are at 9 and 11am on Sundays. Check out our sermon series below!


    God has designed each person uniquely and distributed them into the body of Christ with purpose. Our hope and prayer is that, at Faithbridge, you sense the Lord’s presence richly and will allow Him to draw that gift out of you as you begin to serve.

  • GROW

    We were made for community. Community is where we can develop strong, life-giving relationships. And community is a powerful, God-given tool for life change and spiritual growth. Grow Groups are our primary vehicle for community, built on the pillars of loving relationships, growing in Christ, and living on mission together.