The Road

We believe mission is a lifestyle and that each student is called to be a Kingdom difference-maker.

The Road is the most substantive opportunity of growth, impact, and development we offer students. We believe student ministry is not just a ministry for students, but the ministry of students to the world. The Road invites students to answer the call of the Gospel and engage on mission. Our goal is to be and make Kingdom Difference-Makers.

Living On Mission

Opportunities vary from delivering food to local food and outreach partners to telling the Good News on the streets of London. The Road sends students across the state, the USA, and the world. From Alabama to El Savador, students can serve from 1 week to 2 weeks.

Seth Martin

The Road Lead Director

Join the journey! For more information regarding The Road, you can e-mail seth.martin@faithbridge.org.

Michael Frnka

The Road Director

Join the journey! For more information regarding student missions, you can e-mail michael.frnka@faithbridge.org.

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Our mission is to lead teens closer to Jesus.

What Is Discipleship?

Discipleship is an intentional relationship in which we walk alongside other disciples in order to encourage, equip, and challenge one another in love to grow toward maturity in Christ. By asking for discipleship, you are entering into the strongest form of personal development, spiritual growth, and accountability we offer at FSM. Through trust, honesty, and vulnerability, you will experience transparent relationships that will transform your life.

How Does It Work?

Discipleship is simply this: you and a peer of the same gender will connect with an adult mentor that is ready to intentionally pour into you in the context of scripture. Discipleship groups meet depending on the schedules of the mentor and students but usually set aside a weekly time to meet. Many discipleship groups meet before or after school at a coffee shop.

How Many Are In A Group?

A Discipleship usually consists of two students to one adult leader ratio. Sometimes we have one on one, but no more than three students at a time in one Discipleship group.

Amanda O'Kelley

Student Discipleship Coordinator

If you're ready to pursue a new level of depth in your relationship with Christ, ask to be discipled. We do not want this to just be another "to do" in your life, but an opportunity for authentic growth. For more info, you can e-mail amanda.okelley@faithbridge.org.


Making more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ, who make more and stronger disciples.

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