Faithbridge is blessed to have a team of powerful worship leaders on our team. We believe that the worship leader's role is to set the tone of congregational worship. We encourage each person in the congregation to worship comfortably - whether that's singing out with abandon or engaging more quietly and privately in worship of Our Savior.

Two Venues

In December 2011, Faithbridge opened up more space, providing room for more people to worship comfortably each Sunday. Services are held concurrently in two rooms located on the same campus:  Center Court East (a new facility) and Center Court West. You’ll experience live bands in either room for worship. The sermon will be live in one location and virtual in the other.

Worship Schedule

Sunday, July 20 • Timothy Ateek

Center Court West  

Sunday, July 27 • Timothy Ateek

Center Court West  

  • Sunday 9am, 11am & 5pm LIVE
  • Worship Leader Lizi Bailey 

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Worship is not just what we do on Sunday, but how we live our lives throughout the week.

It's living with godly priorities and obedience.

It's daily attentiveness to the Lord.

And, it's active participation at weekend worship.