Grow Classes

Grow Classes

Grow Classes are 6-8 week Sunday morning classes with both on campus and online options, conducted in an interactive, discussion-based format. Come join other adult Faithbridgers as we dive deeper into topics from one of our three learning tracks: Christian Living, Theology, or the Bible. These are great supplemental learning experiences to boost your faith and discipleship, and they serve as add-ons to (not replacements for) your Grow Group experience. This semester we are offering two classes to choose from.


    On-Campus & Online | Sundays at 9am | January 24-March 7

    Who says theology is just for pastors and seminary students? Come join us for 6 weeks of engaging discussion and teaching on one of the foundational concepts of the Christian faith: how we know, love, and serve One God in the Three Persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Deepen your faith and expand your knowledge as you explore Old and New Testament passages that reveal God as Three-in-One (or what we call the Trinity), and learn how the early church worked together to understand and teach this truth.

    Intro to Theology is full!


    On-Campus & Online | Sundays at 9am | January 24-March 21

    Everything gets better with practice, including Bible study, prayer life, and connecting with others in community. But how do you practice these disciplines of Christian living without them becoming boring routines that do little to energize your faith? Join us for a dynamic, 8-week class to explore the “Habits of Grace” that help you become more attuned to God’s voice through His Word, more confident that your prayers reach His ear, and more interconnected with others in His church.


Making more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ, who make more and stronger disciples.

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