Membership Process

To be a member of Faithbridge means committing to be an active part of the local body of Christ. Much like baptism is an outward expression of an inward transformation, church membership is an outward expression of commitment to the body of Christ. If you have made the decision to become a member of Faithbridge, please watch the following videos and read the following information and complete our membership application.

In order to become a member of Faithbridge Church, you must agree with our Convictions and agree to uphold our Persuasions, Opinions, and Core Values. If you have any questions regarding our Convictions, Persuasions, Opinions, or Core Values, contact

  1. Review our Convictions, Persuasions, Opinions and Positions listed below.
  2. Watch the Convictions, Persuasions, and Opinions video and the Core Values video on this page.
  3. Complete the online application.
    — You will be prompted to create or use your Rock account to sign up at the end of the application.
  4. Attend a New Member Celebration. Once you submit your application, we will reach out to you to sign up for an upcoming Celebration.
    If you have any questions, contact

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