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Talking with Your Child about Salvation

08.16.15 | Kids Ministry, Articles

    The Bible tells us that parents have been given the responsibility of mentoring children in their faith. The following questions are provided to help you determine if your child is ready to ask Jesus to be the Lord of his or her life. The main goal is to determine if your child understands that his/her own sin separates him/her from God and that Jesus’ death on the cross provides forgiveness for sins and makes him/her right with God. Scriptures are provided to read with your children as you talk together about salvation.

    Is your child ready to ask Jesus to be the Lord of their life? 

    Here are a few points to discuss with your child.

    Who is Jesus?  Matthew 3:16-17 

    The simple answer your child will most likely offer is, “He is God’s son.”

    What is sin?  Have you ever sinned?  Romans 3:23

    Depending upon your child’s age they may not understand the word "sin."  In Kids Ministry, we talk about sin as the wrong things we do.  Some examples we frequently use are:  disobeying your parents, stealing, lying, being mean to or hurting someone else, doing things we know are wrong, doing things that God doesn’t want us to do.  Your goal is to help your child identify specific things they do that are wrong.

     What did Jesus do on the cross?  Why did Jesus have to die?  1 Corinthians 15:3-4

    The answers you can expect are “Jesus died on the cross.”  “Jesus died so that our sins could be forgiven.”  “Jesus died for our sins.”

    This is a good place to make sure you child understands what sin is and that Jesus died to take our sin away.  If you feel that they don’t understand it might be best to continue the discussion at a later time.

    What happens to our sin when we say we’re sorry for the wrong things we’ve done and ask Jesus to forgive us?  1 John 1:9 

    The answer should be “He forgives us.”  Or, “Jesus takes away our sins.”  “He washes away our sins and makes us clean.” 

    Do you want to ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life?  Do you want to start a forever friendship with Jesus? 

    If your child’s answer is “yes,” here’s a simple prayer that you can pray with them.  Ask them to repeat after you. 

    “Dear Jesus, I’m sorry for the wrong things I have done.  I believe you are God’s Son and that you died on the cross so that my sins are forgiven.  I want you to be in charge of my life.  Please help me to live my life for you.  Amen.”

    Congratulations! You’ve just led your child into a relationship with Jesus.  Remember, this is the first step.  Encourage your child to grow in their friendship with Jesus by reading the Bible, praying and coming to church.  They can also let everyone know about the decision they have made by being baptized.