Pastoral Care

Jesus designed His Church to be a place of genuine love, help, and ultimate healing. We want you to know we are here for you in a variety of ways, including providing a pastor or care ministry staff for you to talk to when you need it.

This is not certified counseling, just a listening ear to offer pastoral care and support. We are offering 50 minute zoom sessions with no cost and no paperwork. Appointments are required. Contact the staff member you would like an appointment with directly.


    Care & Missions Pastor

    Dan has been an ordained pastor for 28 years. He specializes in spiritual, emotional, relational, and general life-issues with individuals. As a shepherd of the Faithbridge flock, Dan is glad to use his spiritual gifts and passions to serve the congregation. It brings him a deep sense of fulfillment to come alongside those in need and provide care that is beneficial for them and the larger Body of Christ.



    Janice has been on staff at Faithbridge for 21 years and has held many roles on staff. With Janice, you will find a trusted time and a safe space to be heard and encouraged by God’s Word, His provision, and the promise of healing and hope through Jesus Christ.

Counselor Referrals

If you are looking for a certified professional counselor, click the button below for a list of counselors that are currently accepting virtual appointments.


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