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Hello there, Claire's daughter here. i am a 19 year old female currently in her 3rd hospital this month, trying to get rid of a "small bowel obstruction", with a more complex case of having a colon with a history of ulcerative colitis + other issues (being young, small, currently underweight/malnourished, redundant colon, etc ). I'm now in a city hospital "nation renowned" for these sort of more complex issues meeting doctors who so far have treated kinder than any before.

as of tomorrow i will have been here a week,- a week of not hearing much of their course of action but knowing they were in discussion, i had a feeling yesterday, after the two past days being spent feeling like nothing was happening, that something was gonna drop/happen tomorrow. it was a pretty strong feeling and not a bad full of dread feeling, but just a feeling God seemingly was putting in my heart.-- what do you know but i just had my usually short early in the morning meeting with the team (actually had woken up a few minutes before so slightly-less groggy than usual) and I'm being told they have a plan of surgery next Friday of a sigmoidoscopy, there were a few more details relating to that but that was basically the whole short conversation,- at the end, they said they could swing by later on to talk with my mom which will be a first (my mom is very much part of not just my support during this time but also my decision making), i gave no positive nor negative answer to their plan and mainly listened along interjecting that i had no issues ever with my small intestines and that obstructions were never part of my health history.

i ask for continued guidance and continued clarity. to continue to feel like God is with me. continue to feel like I am his child and he is my parent taking care of all this and telling me not to worry. I ask that we are given answers and information that bring us peace, and that those chosen to care and look into my case God will work through so that this issue can be taken care of and my health can be the best it can be.-- and that however amount of time i am here that it will feel quick, joyful, and easy. so i can go home to my mom and my little sisters (i have been home maybe only a week in the whole of August), enjoy food safely again, and begin/continue my life! -also keep me strong as i struggle with not being able to eat (it's been serveral weeks now since i've enjoy the human comfort of eating)

thank you for your time and energy, keep me in your thoughts, i feel every thought/prayer concerning me, every day.

Received: September 1, 2022

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