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Kevin is a wonderful young man who was a kindergarten student of mine 40 years ago. He was one of the coaches of the little league team that won the Little League World Series last year. I received this from his mother this morning. Please put him in your prayers...

My dear friend, I know that you have always loved my baby boy, Kevin. I have wanted to call you, but I know I would cry and have a hard time talking right now. We have gone through another hard week, and we are facing a difficult road ahead. Kevin was taken to the hospital last Saturday night with difficultly breathing and bad chest pains. They did an angiogram and he did have one small blockage, but it was hard to get to, so they will treat it with medication. The real problem is he has a serious heart disease that has attacked his heart muscles. The Drs said it has damaged his heart already to the point that he has the heart of an 80 year old man. The damage is irreversible. One of the test should have been in the 60-65 #, Kevin’s is 15. They have started him on a combination of meds that they are hoping in 3 months can get the # to at least 50. If they can’t, they will have to look at some other more serious alternatives. He will be wearing a vest all the time that if his heart stops beating, it is suppose to shock it back beating again.

I was not allowed to be at the hospital through all of this because of that miserable word, COVID. Only one person could be with him, and Dana was with him as it should be. I still have not seen him since he is home. I am not ready yet to see him like that.

He is also still very tired adjusting to the meds. We are all devastated. Kevin is the guy in the neighborhood that when he cuts his grass, he also cuts 3 neighbors yards too. He plays softball 2 nights a week, and coaches 2 different baseball teams. He pressure washes his house about once a month !!

What I am saying is, he never stops ! His life is going to have to totally change immediately, and I hope he will be able to do it. There is so much we still have to process.

I do not know how people survive without Christ in their life. My Faith will get me through this as He has gotten me through all of my other difficulties. I ask for prayers for my Baby and I know I can count on you for whatever I may need. I think I am still in shock, cause I cannot fully process it all. I have to continue to tell myself “ Through Christ all things are Possible “ . I love you and wish I could get a big hug right now ️

I love you and need your prayers and support.

Received: December 20, 2020

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