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Kristin Decker is an anti-bullying advocate, speaker, and best-selling author. You may have caught her on MTV, or read about her in the Chicago Herald or in Southern Living Magazine. She has a masters degree in Social Work and speaks at high schools and colleges all across the nation about her life-threatening experiences with bullying and mental health. Her very first speech was in front of 25,000 students in a stadium, where she had the honor of sharing the stage with Toby Mac.

Kristin founded “Freedom From Bullying” as a way to put an end to bullying in schools and online permanently. The topic of bullying and self-esteem is close to Kristin’s heart because she was physically and psychologically bullied from sixth grade up until her senior year of high school with little relief. Today, Kristin enjoys the freedom of confidence and real self-worth. She even ran 4,000 miles in 49 days all across the United States in support of young adults battling cancer.

She also proudly founded Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM), which delivers food and necessities to people affected by homelessness through cycling. She has a mission to bring her message of empowerment to every school across the country.

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