No "Christianese" Please

We get it: sometimes church words can be confusing. While some terms have a rich, meaningful history–others can be used interchangeably, sometimes meaning different things!

We have put together a short list of terms we use regularly at Faithbridge to clear up confusion. This list will continually grow and change. See something missing? Let us know and we'll do our best to bring it clarity.

The Bible

God-inspired book that is never failing, always effective and serves as our final, authoritiave rule of faith and practice.


Practical ways we can show God's love to our community and our world through service, mission trips, sharing our personal testimony of faith and making this world a little more like Heaven.


A group of Christ followers.


“Curious” is the name for the small group ministry of the Faithbridge Student Ministry. Small groups provide the awesome opportunity to get plugged in with friends and grow students in their faith. Small groups are all about community as we live life together learning God's Word.


“Elevate” is the name for the Junior High Ministry of the Faithbridge Student Ministry. The goal of Elevate Student Ministry is to partner with parents in order to help mold Junior High students into servants in God’s Kingdom.


The acronym for “Faithbridge Student Ministry.” For students between 6th–12th grade. Our vision is to see students experience a transformational relationship with Jesus while digging deep in life-changing, authentic community. We partner with parents to pursue discipleship in the home, and intentionally develop students as they discover God's missional call to be a Kingdom-difference maker.

Giving Back to God

As an act of gratitude, love and submission, honoring God by sacrificing a portion of time, resources and money that He has faithfully provided.

The Gospel

The Good News of Jesus–motivates everything we do as Christians.

Grow Groups

A grow group is a small group of people who gather throughout the week to study the Bible. They are a place for those who desire to learn more about God, ask questions, and be encouraged. More than just a group of friends, our groups exist to demonstrate and share the  love of Jesus by reaching our community.

Open Gates

"Open Gates" is the name for the Faithbridge ministry that loves and serves both children and adults with special needs and leads them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We call our Open Gates volunteers “shadows” here at Faithbridge. Many of our shadows have considerable experience working with children who have disabilities. Others come with less experience and no formal training. But each alike possesses a heart to love and serve children with special needs and a desire to encourage them in their walk with Christ. 


S.O.A.P is an acronym for easy devotions you can do on your own! S stands for scripture, first choose one scripture from your daily reading that stood out to you. O stands for observation, write out your observations about that scripture and what you learn from it. A stands for application, pull out one or two application points from your observation. P stands for prayer, finish your devotion by writing out a prayer thanking God for what He is teaching you and also asking for His help in the application of what you are studying. Learn more at


“Pointbreak” is the name for the High School Ministry of the Faithbridge Student Ministry. The goal of Pointbreak is to provide high school students with life-changing community and powerful discipleship. We are a community that strives to be real with each other as we grow in our faith in Christ.


“Postscript” is the name of the video podcast that serves an in-depth follow-up to the sermons you hear each week at Faithbridge. While you attend the service, send in any questions or comments that you would like discussed at Postscript in "real-time" during the sermon.


Talking with God.

Reading the Bible

When we say “reading the Bible” we don’t necessarily mean reading it like a novel, front to back (though, there is nothing wrong with that). Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been studying the Bible for years, we recommend finding a good reading plan. One of Pastor Ken’s favorite’s is the S.O.A.P. reading plan—which, if you follow, will have you reading the Bible in it’s entirety in one-year. However, the reading plan breaks it up into chunks that make sense, in a way that reading front-to-back, may not. Learn more at

The Road

“The Road” is the name for the mission’s ministry of Faithbridge. It is most substantive opportunity of growth, impact, and development we offer students, adults, and families. We believe mission is a lifestyle, and that each person is called to be a Kingdom-difference maker. Every year hundreds of Faithbridgers go on mission “journeys” in Houston, the U.S., and around the world.

Serve Teams

Groups of people volunteering their time to show their love of God and others by serving the church in practical ways.


A role in our Kids Ministry, someone who "shepherds" kids through their Sunday morning activities. They are the relational person who helps kids take bible truths and understand how to apply them to their lives.


Gathering of the Church to honor God through song, prayer and teaching.


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