We Are Kingdom Difference-Makers.

Welcome to Faithbridge Student Ministry! We partner with parents to pursue discipleship in the home. and intentionally develop students as they discover God's missional call to be a Kingdom difference-maker.

Our goal is simple: to disciple students in their walk with Christ. We are all about relationships, growth, and mission as we learn and experience what it really means to follow Jesus as a student.

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Sunday Student Events


    Sundays at 9 & 11am
    Launch is our 6th grade Ministry at Faithbridge! 6th Graders meet in the new student building, in their own worship space.


    Sundays at 9 & 11am
    Elevate is our 7th & 8th grade Ministry at Faithbridge! 7th & 8th Graders meet in the new student building, in their own worship space.


    Sundays at 7pm
    Pointbreak is our high school Ministry at Faithbridge! High schoolers meet in the new student building, in their own worship space.

All Student Events

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Our mission is to lead teens closer to Jesus.

What Is Discipleship?

Discipleship is an intentional relationship in which we walk alongside other disciples in order to encourage, equip, and challenge one another in love to grow toward maturity in Christ. By asking for discipleship, you are entering into the strongest form of personal development, spiritual growth, and accountability we offer at FSM. Through trust, honesty, and vulnerability, you will experience transparent relationships that will transform your life.

How Does It Work?

Discipleship is simply this: you and a peer of the same gender will connect with an adult mentor that is ready to intentionally pour into you in the context of scripture. Discipleship groups meet depending on the schedules of the mentor and students but usually set aside a weekly time to meet. Many discipleship groups meet before or after school at a coffee shop.

How Many Are In A Group?

A Discipleship usually consists of two students to one adult leader ratio. Sometimes we have one on one, but no more than three students at a time in one Discipleship group.

If you’re ready to pursue a new level of depth in your relationship with Christ, ask to be discipled. We do not want this to just be another “to do” in your life, but an opportunity for authentic growth. For more info, you can e-mail beth.hardisty@faithbridge.org.


We deeply desire to partner with parents in the discipleship of their students.

Parent Partnership

We believe that parents are crucial in the continued growth of their students, and it is our goal to equip parents with tools and resources to actively engage in their students’ lives. We provide several tools that are designed to give parents easy access to discipling their student. These tools include Tips from the Toolbox, our weekly Snapshot, annual Parent Orientations, and quarterly Parent Workshops. We want to partner with you in order to promote and enable discipleship in your home. Please contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

Topical Parent Resources

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Leader Partnerships

In [FSM], we value our students being known and invested in because we believe that is how we make more and stronger disciples. One of the ways we accomplish this is by encouraging our leaders to reach out to the students they see on Sundays and Wednesdays. Our leaders do this in a variety of ways such as texting, calling, and attending functions such as plays, sporting events, and other activities. [FSM] leaders are thoroughly vetted, known, and background checked. Just like Jesus knew and invested in His disciples, we ask our leaders to do the same.

FSM Snapshot

The weekly FSM Snapshot is the best way to stay connected to all that's happening in Faithbridge Student Ministry. Our Snapshot is delivered every Thursday right to your cellular pocket technological device (amazing!) and includes campus-specific updates from Launch, Elevate, Pointbreak, and The Road.

Student FAQs

Any student in 6th grade through 12th grade! Launch is what we call our 6th grade ministry, Elevate is our 7th-8th grade ministry, and Pointbreak is our high school ministry. Each of these ministries provides age-specific programming, catered to that particular age group. We realize the needs of each age group of students is quite different, so we seek to meet students right where they are.
Your student can expect an environment where we prioritize relational connections, spur students into growth in Jesus, and challenge students to live on mission in their spheres. Your student can also expect to be poured into by leaders who give time weekly to invest in the lives of students.

On Sundays, a student can expect a worship experience for their ministry (Launch, Elevate, Pointbreak). These include a variation of worship, sermons catered to their age group, small group discussions, games, and more.

  On Wednesday nights, we host our Curious small groups. These are small groups led by adult leaders, divided by grade and gender. The really unique thing about these groups is that they stick together from 6th grade to 12th grade, developing deep relational traction and trust. 
We believe that students are world changers for the kingdom of God! We prioritize establishing safe, trusted relationships for students with their peers as well as with leaders, creating a safe place for them to grow and look more like Jesus. We also challenge students to live on mission every day. We believe that these things establish a ministry experience that is transformation instead of transactional.
Absolutely not! (See CPO's for who we are and what we believe) We welcome kid any child who has a desire to attend AND all of their questions bout God and Jesus. Our heart's desire is to point each and every one of them to the saving love of Jesus Christ.
We have an extensive application process for anyone desiring to serve with students. All volunteers complete a volunteer application, FSM staff calls references for each volunteer, and then that volunteer must clear a background check as well as Ministry Safe training. As far as ministry specific training, we host a training annually for just new leaders, then host a training for all leaders at the beginning of each semester.  
Chris Clark - FSM Director
Tyler Riley - High School Pastor
Jill Sullivan - Program Coordinator
Maddie Koenig - Curious Groups Coordinator
Amanda O’Kelley - Student Discipleship Coordinator
Beth Hardisty - FSM Administrative Assistant
“Discipleship groups” are groups smaller than our Curious groups, often times being one leader and two students. These groups usually meet weekly and because of their smaller numbers, they are more “life on life” or mentor-like groups. These groups walk through a pre-written curriculum or walk through Scripture together, discussing how it applies to their lives.
We believe that God's house is for everyone, and we want your student to be part of Faithbridge Student Ministry and a disciple of Jesus! To determine the best ways to include and serve your student in our ministry activities, we would love to talk with you and schedule a time to meet both you and your student. Our goal is to do everything we can to provide all students with the necessary supports to facilitate inclusion. We do ask that you let us know in advance if and when your student is coming (we use the Remind app for scheduling) so that we can have supports and modifications in place, including a shadow if needed. Please contact Open Gates Coordinator J'Mor Walter for more information at jmor.walter@faithbridge.org.