Small Groups

We are better together and small groups give students a place to do life with Jesus and each other. We believe that life is best lived in community, which is why we strongly encourage all students to get involved in a Small Group at the start of the school year. Each group consists of around 8 – 12 students of the same gender and grade with 2 adult leaders.

When & Where

  Wednesdays at 7pm (Jr High)
Sundays at 6pm (High School)

Student Building

Join a small group!

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    Pastoral Care

    Christian Counselors

    Click here for a list of recommended Christian counselors.


    Intentional Parenting

    Dr. Paul Looney explains what is going on inside the student brain and how it develops.

  • Parent Resources

    Social Media

    The Currency of Likes is an article about the pitfall inside social media.

Chris Clark

FSM Student Director

If you have any questions or want more information about our student small groups, you can contact us at fsm@faithbridge.org.