Support Letters

The ins and outs of fundraising!

Raising support for your Mission Journey

Why do we fundraise? Is it optional?  Fundraising is the primary means by which Goers pay for their journeys.  It is, however, completely optional.

We do encourage Goers to engage in the support-raising process as a unique way of experiencing God’s faithfulness through financial provision.  During the training season, we’ll provide resources including how-tos, ideas, support letter examples, stamps, envelopes, etc. to those raising financial support.

Can I pay my balance personally without raising support?  Yes.  Goers that opt to pay their balance directly can do so at the support portal here and selecting their journey and name (credit card/PayPal) OR by writing a check directly to Faithbridge.

Checks are always our preferred method of direct-payment from Goers to avoid credit card fees and keeping trip costs as low as possible.

Support Letter Process

Sample Support Letters
5th-6th Grade Sample Letter 7th-12th Grade Sample Letter

-Bring a rough draft of your support letter.  Include: Who, What, Where, Why, How much.
-Include the following financial statement/instructions about how to send a CHECK and/or give ONLINE:
(You can copy and paste this table, but be sure to edit your TEAM NAME and GOER NAME!)

Donate online via credit cardDonate via the enclosed mailing envelope
1. Head to
2. Enter an amount at the top of the page
3. Underneath the amount, choose my trip ALABAMA in the dropdown menu.
4. In the next field, input my name exactly: Jacob Smith
5. Press next, and complete the form!
1. Make checks payable to Faithbridge
2. Put my name in the MEMO section
3. Complete and include the Return Insert provided with the envelope
4. Return via mail by May 15
Any amount I raise above and beyond the cost of my journey will go to help other Goers.

-Have your letter reviewed by Roadies at your first training.

2. AT HOME (your homework!)
-Edit your letter (you can even include pictures!)
-Print 20 copies, fold, and stuff into envelopes. DO NOT seal the envelopes!
-Address your 20 envelopes, including your return address.

-Bring your 20 stuffed, unsealed, addressed envelopes.
-The Road will provide giving inserts and return envelopes that you will stuff with your team at this training. There will also be stamps for you to use on the outer envelope.
-Stamp and seal your envelopes at training, turn them into Road staff, and we will send them out!

-We trust God to supply all our needs – spiritual, financial, and more!
-Get fundraising updates at any time by emailing
-Contribute to your journey by babysitting, mowing lawns, hosting a concert, selling baked goods or t-shirts, etc.


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