Pack The Sack

Faithbridge Kids! is partnering with Kids Meals in Montgomery County to help collect lunches for families in need. We will be accepting donations for Kids Meals on Sunday, February 14 either during service, or drive thru from 2-4pm. If you have any questions, contact Sharon Bell.

  1. Decorate brown paper lunch sacks for lunches to be distributed in! Sacks can be decorated with scripture, drawings, stickers, jokes, or just encouraging words.
  2. Pack brown paper lunch sacks with 1 item from each categoriy listed below (1 protein, 1 snack, and 1 drink)
    Proteins - peanut butter crackers, peanut butter cups (add pretzels or crackers), tuna (foil packs), chicken salad packs, cheese crackers, almond packs, Vienna sausage, jerky (chicken, beef, turkey, or pork)
    Snacks - fruit cups, Annie’s fruit snacks, Annie’s whole wheat bunnies, Kind bars, Quaker Oats chewy granola bars, Skinny Pop, Welch’s fruit snacks, Nature Valley granola bars, Planters peanuts, Snyder’s pretzels
    ** All snacks should be individually packed items.
    Drinks - small water bottle, shelf stable milk box (non-chocolate), Honest juice
  3.  Drop off sacks at Faithbridge on Sunday, February 14 during service or from 2-4pm!