The Faithbridge Residency is a 10 month, hands-on ministry experience to set you up for a lifetime of faithfully loving Christ, learning his word, and leading others in ministry.

Focused Investment

  • Head

    Go wide and deep through the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation and understand how to articulate key core doctrines.

  • Heart

    Fall more in love with Jesus by encountering his deep love for you.

  • Hands

    Experience hands-on ownership of various aspects of ministry with mentorship, oversight, and feedback from staff directors.

  • Health

    Learn to live life with others in a healthy community and church.

Rhythm of the Year

Weekly Rhythm: Each week you'll spend about 20 hours working in one of our ministry areas. This time includes staff meetings, contact time with Faithbridgers, and preparing and executing ministry programming.

Monthly Rhythm: Twice a month we will gather for a full day of classes. One class day each month will focus on the entire storyline of the Scriptures and one day will be spent on theological, pastoral, leadership, and soul training.

Yearly Rhythm: This program runs from August to May. Some resident roles may include an additional 2 months (June and July) after class meetings have concluded.

Assignments: Expect roughly 10 hours of weekly assignments. This includes readings, podcasts, and engaging with biblical tools. At the end of each semester, participants will “stand & deliver” in a 1 hour oral exam.

Perks of the Program

100% Free: We see this program as an investment in you. Unlike many programs, the Faithbridge Residency is completely free of charge.

Housing: We will work with you to try and connect you to a member of our body who will host you throughout your time in the Residency.

Post Residency Job Networking: We will coach you and help you network to set up for success in finding your next faithful step after the Residency.

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