Student Missions

The Road is our missions program at Faithbridge, and is among the most substantive opportunities of growth, impact, and development we offer to adults, families, and students.

Big Changes For 2024!

  • NO Missions Kickoff
  • Online application window between January 1-14
  • Application process based on date availability.

Check out the video for more information and read our FAQ section below!

The application window for 2024 student missions has closed.

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2024 Application Timeline

Jan 1

Site Info Online

All 2024 Journey and Site information will be posted online as the Application Window opens on January 1. Sign up for an email reminder here.

Jan 1-14

Application Window

Submit your app online between January 1 and January 14. All apps are due January 14.

Jan 3, 7, 10

Informational Meetings

Join us at one of three optional meetings for parents and students:

  • January 3 at 7pm in the Chapel
  • January 7 at 12:30pm in the Chapel
  • January 10 at 7pm in the Loft

RSVP here.

Jan 14

Applications Due

Submit your app online by January 14.

Jan 22

Teams Revealed

An email with your team information will be sent to you on January 22.

Jan 28

Road Team Rally

Meet your team and get excited for the missions season ahead on January 28 at 7:00pm.

Student Missions FAQ


The Road is our missions program at Faithbridge that seeks to develop students as Kingdom-difference Makers. The Road values development, partnership, and discipleship. We develop students by challenging them and encouraging them in the areas where God has uniquely gifted them. We partner with various ministry partners all over the globe where God is already working. And lastly, we value discipleship – we want what God does in the hearts of students to continue well past their weeklong mission trip. After all, it’s not about the destination, but the Journey!


The Application Window for 2024 opens January 1 and closes January 14. All applications must be submitted by January 14 for the 2024 missions season.


The application is fully online and will be open between January 1-14. All applications must be submitted by January 14 for the 2024 missions season.


Each season, we hope to take as many students into the mission field as possible. Each trip is limited in capacity by a variety of logistics (such as transportation/seat belts, housing, and ministry needs). Additionally, because our journeys are developmental in nature, we value a high ratio of adult disciplers mentoring and shepherding teams. As a student grows and matures across grades, the level of ownership and responsibility increases.

Put simply, an application process based on date availability enables more students to go on mission and experience the growth that comes by living as the hands and feet of Jesus!


Our journeys are based on student grades. When applying to a journey, students apply based on their current grade as of today. For instance, a current 6th grader as of January 1, 2024 would apply for 6th grade journeys.

On the application, students first select their available date ranges of the summer. Journey options will be enabled based on your date availability.


No. Applications are not weighted based on when they are received within the application window. Team rosters are filled by random assignment of eligible applicants.


Missions Kickoff has traditionally been our "season launch" event where families could learn all about the upcoming season of student missions — while having a bit of fun as our student ministry team put on a live and (hopefully) entertaining show. While the legacy and spirit of Kickoff will live on, feedback from families in recent years has taught us that Missions Kickoff was no longer the best way to jumpstart our missions season.

All season information will be online and available January 1. Parents and students are invited to an informational event on January 3rd, 7th and 10th, where we will focus on covering the important details, application process, site information, fundraising, and season schedule.


All parents and students are invited to any one of three identical informational events on January 3, 7, and 10, where we will focus on covering the important details, application process, site information, fundraising, and season schedule. This meeting is optional and, because of the big changes in 2024, will be helpful to ALL families, whether you're a veteran of The Road or brand new!

January 3 at 7pm

January 7 at 12:30pm

January 10 at 7pm


We are ESPECIALLY excited to welcome current 5th graders to The Road! 5th Grade is the first level of journey we offer to students, and we can’t wait for our 5th graders to discover their hunger for missions!

5th Grade journeys, which we call “Hunger Journeys”, are DAY-TRIPS (not over-night), and take place right here in the heart of our city.


January 1 — Season info and applications posted online.

January 1-14 — Applications Window. All apps must be submitted by January 14.

January 3 at 7pm — Info Meeting 1

January 7 at 12:30pm — Info Meeting 2

January 10 at 7pm — Info Meeting 3

January 14 — Applications DUE

January 22 — Teams Revealed (You’ll receive an email!)

January 28 — Team Launch (Meet your team and begin your training!)


On January 22, we’ll send you an email confirming your team! If for any reason you are not placed on a team, you will receive a phone call from a Road staffer prior to January 22.


We love our Ministry Partners! As a church, Faithbridge seeks out existing ministries from all over the world who are already making an impact in their communities. Our hope is to partner with them and wholeheartedly support/serve their ministries when we send a team to their site. Many of our Ministry Partners have been with The Road for several years, so we know each other’s hearts and missions very well. You can expect to learn and grow as you serve with each of our incredible Ministry Partners!


Team trainings are crucial for your benefit and for team building. Each team member has a vital role in the mission and their presence sets the team and mission up for success.


Work crew weekends provide high school students with an opportunity to build camaraderie with their team and plan for the upcoming mission season. They complete serve projects together to understand team dynamics. Sunday trainings focus more on planning out the logistics for their mission trip over the summer.


Contact us at if you can’t attend a training due to sickness or emergencies. Notify adult leaders in advance. If you’re aware of unavailability before applying, please discuss with a Road Staff member.


High School: March 3rd, April 7th, April 28th

7th and 8th: March 24th, April 14th, May 5th

5th, 6th, and Connect: April 14th and May 5th


Mark only the weeks you can commit to for the journey. For example, if serving at Faithbridge VBS, mark that week as unavailable.


Teams are randomly selected based on availability. High School students with 2-week availability answer additional questions to determine if those journeys would be a better fit.


We encourage you to attend an informational, whether you’re a Road veteran or a newcomer! This meeting will provide important information on season changes, application process, site information, etc., AND will give you an opportunity to ask The Road Staff any questions you might have.


All teams are randomly selected.


We send 2 adult leaders and 3 college interns who have all gone through background checks, ministry safe training, and specific Road training to be a part of our missions program. At Road Team Rally in January, you will have the opportunity to meet your student’s adult leaders and get the chance to meet your students interns over the summer!


Refer to the timeline provided.


No difference in the two-week submission window.


The high school journeys last either one week or two weeks. Some are domestic and others are international. The two-week journeys tend to have higher levels of challenge depending on the site and partners.


Parents and students are invited to attend. This is a chance for student to find out and meet the other students on their team, as well as their adult leaders!


No. But expect them to come home transformed, regardless of where they were at in their faith journey before applying!


Every year we offer a journey called a Connect journey for those are needing an alternative option. This journey is a 3-day long opportunity for students to serve locally. We want to accommodate everyone and are happy to meet and talk through appropriate options for your student!

While on the trip...


Your student will be part of a team that will participate in daily devotionals, food preparations for themselves/the team, serve in a work or/and ministry capacity, take part in daily debriefing, worship, scripture discussions and encouragement.


We want students to be fully unplugged and engaged while on the mission. Phones have the potential to draw students and teams away from the focus of the mission. In a culture where so many are looking down, we want our students to live in what is going on around them and engage with others.


No direct contact, but our staff will update parents if needed. Each team has a Phone Tree Parent for travel updates while their students are on mission.


Emphasizing safety and honoring God, we encourage modest attire with specific guidelines. Please refer to our dress code policy here.

The Road Staff

Missy Kern

Missions Director

Erika Martinez

Local Missions Coordinator

Katie Gauntt

The Road Senior Coordinator

Adam Hall

The Road Missions Coordinator

Catherine Walley

The Road Missions Coordinator

Hector Ramirez

The Road Missions Coordinator

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